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What I (Re)Learned May 2015

The valleys of life can hit you when you least expect and it is not the peaks that will get you out but the knowledge that you have conquered deeper valleys in the past.

It is a miniscule world.

Timing doesn’t always work out but things will align at some points and hopefully you recognize those points when they occur.

Summer in Toronto is as busy or as chill as you decide it should be.

Art is the closest humans can get to peace and paradise.


What I (Re)Learned April 2015

Going back to the familiar doesn’t mean you are retreating or regressing.

Sometimes it just doesn’t go away.

Things are better said with clear eyes and a full heart, sometimes a full heart works on its own, but clarity of sight makes them a “dynamic duo” so to speak.

One moment can change everything.

No matter how many people believe in you, you have to believe in yourself.

The busier you are the more you get done.

Hype is febreezed bullshit.

The world will present you with opportunities and your actions will be right no matter what you decide.

What I’ve (Re)Learned March 2015

People will surprise you.

Surprises still exist.

It really does only take a moment to change everything.

Don’t over think your reactions to things. If it’s the right time for something your reaction will be “right”.

January, February, and March are the prologue months to the rest of the year.

Puppies have a lot of energy.

Still loving those naps.

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