My name is Jeff and I like reading, watching, and writing “stuff”. The “stuff” that I read, watch, and write I will post about here. Thanks for coming out!

You can also follow me on Twitter @jtkwriting and on Instagram @jtkwriting

OH! I self-published a book on Amazon. Here’s the link:




5 responses to “About

  • Aliana

    Hey homie. The blog looks bitchin’ (kills mine). I’ll be sure to read through it this month and post asinine comments as soon as I can. I’m too lazy right now. Plus, I’m making tacos. And no. That is not a euphemism. I am actually making tacos.

  • Julia

    Hey dude, long time no…well, no anything.

    I respect that you’ve got this awesome blog up and running. I really do. And that’s about all I wanted to say.

    Do you like Neil Gaiman?

    • jtkwriting

      HEY! What’s up? Thanks for the respect dude, that’s means a lot. I’ve heard of Neil Gaiman, but I’m not a big fantasy guy (at least not with literature – life is a whole other story) so I haven’t read him, but do you recommend? I remember you were into that genre. Check your facebook, I’m going to send you a message 🙂

  • jhobellkristyl

    Hello, there. Thank you for following my blog, BOOK MAVEN’S PICKS. We have the same theme. Awesome. I’ve added you to my blogroll: http://bookmavenpicks.wordpress.com/explore/blogroll/

    Take care. Looking forward to awesome posts by you.

    Jhobell Kristyl

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