Here Comes My Man

“Let the good night decide, who she wants me to find,” – from “Here Comes My Man” by The Gaslight Anthem (Fallon, Rosamilia, Levine, Horowitz)

I asked my friends (and myself) if they could remember the first time they fell in love with their people. Here is what they came up with:

Omar: “When we were sitting on the fire escape at our old apartment during my welcome home party from rehab. It was like the first time I looked at her. Like actually observed her as this strange human being. She wasn’t the person I slept with. She wasn’t the person that picked my ragged ass up off the ground. She was a stranger, and it was that stranger I think I fell in love with. I saw her from the moment she was born and through all the moments of her life until we sat on the fire escape that day and figured us out. I knew I loved her in the seconds before I told her. I’m just glad I remembered her name.”

Chris: “Don’t ask me Jack. My love stuff is more fucked up than yours. Okay fine. When did I realize I loved Ava? When I watched her plane takeoff and I looked to my right to make some off-hand, bullshit comment, and I realized she wasn’t there. She was hurtling through the sky, away from me, at thousands of miles per hour. So I bought a ticket on the next plane to London and the rest is boring, ancient history.”

Nikki: “I hadn’t even met him yet. It was just after he moved into your apartment and you dragged me to see one of his shows. I was intrigued by him physically, I mean he’s gorgeous, but what got me was his passion. I can’t even remember what role he was playing, but he was just this tour-de-force that I wanted to get to know and to keep in my life. As we got to know each other, and then slept together, every time I would see him, even now, I get this feeling in my stomach that can’t be defined. It feels different than with everyone else. It’s Omar’s feeling. The only word that exists for it up to now, is love.”

Erica: “Love is not a static thing. It isn’t a photograph, it’s a moment to moment thing. I loved you on and off for years. Some moments I hated you as well. Mostly it was moments of just wanting to spend time with you. Even if you were in another room it felt like we were alone but together. Since you asked though, I can’t remember the first time I loved you. But if I had to describe how I feel about you Jack, I would say I always want you around and I always will.”

Cynthia: “What did she say? Not a photograph? Fair enough. Erica’s kinda weird anyway. Funny thing though. I can’t remember the first time I felt love for Janelle, but it does involve a photograph of you and Erica with Janelle and I in the background. We were smiling at you guys and I noticed our hands were touching with our ring and pinky fingers intertwined. I don’t know why or how, but that was the moment, the first time, I realized we were in love and the whole thing kind of retconned from the moment we met, through into the rest of my life and my relationship with her.”

Jack: “I realized I loved Erica when we were flying to LA. Up until then I felt like I was chasing her. And then we were hand-in-hand, head-on-shoulder, leaning-in-close, and flying to our future in the west. We were a team and I fell in love with that team and with those two people. I’m not sure where they are now, but I hope I find them, or some great version of them, so that they team up again for another run.”


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