“Deck The Halls”

(c) Katie Mattiuz 2015

(c) Katie Mattiuz 2015

Em, Tee, DJ, and Jay sat at the mottled bar top of their local pub. They had talked about writing a Christmas themed short film in the past and now they were actually going to sit and write down some serious notes and film the entire thing the next day. They had some food and a few drinks to get their minds on a creative path.

“Okay, we can get back to Moroccan Dave and the Sidecars after New Year’s but we need to figure this out tonight,” Tee said.

“I have a thought,” Em said. He scanned his phone for a moment and pulled up an article. “What about a short about a New Year’s party at a house that is decorated, not just for Christmas but for every December holiday? Or at least the famous ones.”

Tee, DJ, and Jay pondered this for a second.

“My Love, that’s great!” Tee said.

“Ya mate, I think that has some potential,” DJ said.

“So Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah?” Jay said.

“Yes!” Tee said. “What’s the twist?”

“There’s a fourth holiday that they just make up to confuse people, but maintain it’s a real thing,” Jay said.

“Comica,” Em said. “The little known holiday of comic book fans everywhere.”

“What’s Christmas like in Australia?” Jay said.

“It’s summer so it’s just hotter than usual, but we do up things like you lot,” DJ said.

“Summermas. Christmas in the Southern Atmosphere,” Jay said.

“No,” Tee said. “Just, no. But whatever it is, my character is going to talk like this,” she said in a half-Brooklyn, half-Eastern European accent.

“Why?” DJ said.

“Because I like it!” Tee said.

“What if the characters are randomly invited to a house and tasked by someone to come up with the perfect New Year’s party but they don’t know why?” Em said.

“Like Saw meets New Year’s?” Jay said. “Why would they go?”

“Because it’s a movie and people do stupid shit in movies all the time?” DJ said.

“True enough. We can just write that in as part of their characters. They all live really boring lives so they go to this creepy location because if not, they are just going to spend another night at home doing shit-all. And they are all connected in some really clever way,” Jay said.

“They all slept with the host!” Tee said.

“At the same time, but they didn’t know it because the lights were off but the host somehow taped it with that special camera that can see in the dark,” Jay said.

“That might work,” Em said.

“Ya, not sure on the orgy thing mate, but I like where it started,” DJ said.

“What’s the perfect New Year’s party?” Tee said.

“Food, drinks, friends, strangers, drinks,” Jay said.

“Ah, maybe some music?” DJ said.

“Music,” Jay said.

“Okay guys. So we are going to a New Year’s party and what are we expecting?” Tee said.

“Drinks, food, friends, strangers, and drinks,” Jay said. “And music.”

“What about stuff from Christmas movies?” DJ said.

“Leg lamp,” Em said.

“Holiday armadillo,” Jay said.

“Charlie Brown Christmas tree,” Tee said.

“Claymation Rudolph and Frosty’s hat?” DJ said.

“And what about stuff from Hanukkah and Kwanzaa?” Tee said.

“Obviously the menorah,” Jay said, as Em scrolled through another article on his phone.

“So for Kwanzaa it says they greet each other with ‘Joyous Kwanzaa’, decorate the house with colourful cloth, and wear kaftans. There is also traditional drumming, candle lighting, and a Karamu which is a feast that takes place on the sixth day of Kwanzaa, which is…December 31st!” Em said.

“Sweet!” Jay said.

“Ya, that works perfectly,” DJ said.

“Great!” Tee said.

“For Hanukkah it says, the menorah and its blessing, latkes, dreidels, gelt, and Jay this one is for you, no eulogizing…anything,” Em said.

The four had a laugh as sometimes Jay could be sentimental.

“Okay, great guys! But what’s the twist?” Tee said.

“I thought we were going with the people are invited to plan the New Year’s party and they come up with this multi-cultural idea for celebrating everything, but they don’t know who got them together?” DJ said.

“Yes, but we have to know the answer to that,” Tee said.

“Or do we?” Em said, in a comically sinister way and the other three had a laugh.

“We should, otherwise we won’t know where the story is going,” Jay said.

“Does it matter though?” Em said.

“Ya. We can’t just end it with them staring at each other wondering who the others are and why some random person wants them to plan this party,” Jay said.

“We can, it just has to make sense,” DJ said.

“Guys…I kind of want to actually plan this party,” Tee said.

“For New Year’s?” Jay said.

“Ya! It could be awesome!” Tee said. “What are you doing otherwise?”

“Coming here probably,” Jay said.

“Ya, most likely,” DJ said.

“That’s lame guys, what about meeting girls?” Tee said.

“What about it?” DJ said.

“Ya, there’s girls here we can meet,” Jay said.

“Is there though?” Em said with a smirk.

“I am the only lady here!” Tee said.

The four of them scan the pub and Jay and DJ share a look.

“Let’s plan the party,” Jay and DJ said in unison.


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