Weekly Writing Prompts vol. 19; September 7th – September 13th 2015

1) A post office is the scene of great turmoil when someone shows up who used to work there. Write it.

2) Unless a great sacrifice is made, a character will end up sleeping in a gutter in 7 days time. Write the short story.

3) There is said to be a colony of superheroes who have secluded themselves from society because they can’t save everyone. What is the event that draws them out of hiding? Write a short film about it.

4) Dinner. What should Janie have for dinner and why?

5) Two friends speak only in insults but manage to get along just fine. Write a scene of their dialogue.

6) A character wonders, “Which world is real? The one I live on the ground or the one I live in the clouds?” Answer the question for them.

_bbc807dd2_9_cfc96b506835f82-460x3807) 5W & H?


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