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Steve Veale & The TOindie


“I’ve lived the life I should have,” Steve Veale says about half way through our sit down. We were comfortably seated on the back patio of The Only Café on Danforth and had just discussed his extensive background in journalism and his work with the Ontario government. It is this acceptance, spoken with a quiet confidence, that defines Steve and it also compliments his affable, social nature. It is also this life and nature that have led him to his sixth year as Festival Director of The Toronto Independent Film Festival, better known as the TOindie.

So who is Steve and what is the TOindie? Let’s start with the Festival and then get to the Director.

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Weekly Writing Prompts vol. 19; September 7th – September 13th 2015

1) A post office is the scene of great turmoil when someone shows up who used to work there. Write it.

2) Unless a great sacrifice is made, a character will end up sleeping in a gutter in 7 days time. Write the short story.

3) There is said to be a colony of superheroes who have secluded themselves from society because they can’t save everyone. What is the event that draws them out of hiding? Write a short film about it.

4) Dinner. What should Janie have for dinner and why?

5) Two friends speak only in insults but manage to get along just fine. Write a scene of their dialogue.

6) A character wonders, “Which world is real? The one I live on the ground or the one I live in the clouds?” Answer the question for them.

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My Polysyllabic Spree June, July, August 2015

Hello fair readers, writers, and others. Where the hell have I been and why haven’t I posted here in a while?

Great question.

First. I’m not dead. This is not a bot I set up in case of, well, death. My life has never been in question. What I have been doing is writing. In late June, I secured a position with Mooney On Theatre reviewing plays for the Toronto Fringe Festival. This was a whirlwind week-and-a-half where I reviewed five Fringe shows in five days and wrote two features for the site as well. After Fringe concluded, I was asked if I would like to stay on as a regular contributor. Since then, I have reviewed more shows and also participated in reviewing five more shows for the SummerWorks festival. It has been a super fun experience and a welcome opportunity to write in a different style and have my words read by people who might not otherwise have read them. It’s also great exposure and great for my writing resume. I’m looking forward to continuing to hit theatres in Toronto and see some more of the city’s unsung and established talent. You can check out all of my reviews here, and also check out the site regularly (see link above) for reviews by my fellows writers.

Now for “the spree”:

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