My Polysyllabic Spree May 2015


“I’m here to stay! Shoot me and I’ll spit your goddamn bullets back in your face! I’m Spider Jerusalem and fuck all of you! Ha!”

And so ends the first volume in Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson’s Transmetropolitan comic series. I was introduced to Transmet by a great friend and comic fan who knows I enjoy satire and “in your face” journalism; Ellis and Robertson succeed in both categories.

Spider Jerusalem, the anti-hero of the saga, is nothing less than an absolute reprobate but he is also one of the most stand-up characters in The City, a sprawling, dystopian mess which acts as the setting for the series. Being called back into writing action due to an obligation to fulfill a book contract, Spider also finds himself compelled to fight any and every injustice that crosses his path and with the social, political and cultural disaster The City has become he needs only to step foot outside his apartment to witness some form of inequity. He documents his observations in his column “The Word”, and, as one can only assume from the quotation above, Spider receives backlash from every authority The City has in place.

Much like Spider, Transmetropolitan as a whole is relevant, thought-provoking, creative, direct and unapologetic. I felt charged after reading every issue and compelled to read the next. While not necessarily for the faint of heart, it is those whose indifference rules them who should pick up the first copy and dare to come out on the other side unstirred.


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