Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny

Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny is a great example of what can be done with short film and is both entertaining and inspiring as it takes the simple premise of the rise and fall of a relationship and adds a twist to make things just that bit more hilarious.

At first, the couple starts off fast and furious jumping and humping each other wherever and whenever the feeling strikes. After a while, as they move into the relationship, the reality of accepting another into your daily life begins to take its toll and the excitement fades into the frustration of empty juice containers and early nights. But all is not lost as our furry heroes start their search to reignite the spark that had them exploring each other horizontally, vertically, and (one can only imagine) diagonally at some points!

This award winning short film written and directed by Gabrielle Zilkha works on many levels. First, as any great story should, it starts by raising a question: “What is going on in that bedroom?” Then, it immediately raises two others, “Why are they wearing bunny suits?” and “Are they ‘furries’, or actually bunnies?” What I loved writing wise was that little twist, the bunny suits. It adds that little bit more to the story that makes for more laughs and the ability to do things with the relationship-comedy premise that ensure a fresh take on what has been done in the past. As with all great scripts, it takes the simple and adds that necessary twist to transform the simple into the dynamic.

“What if two life-sized and lustful bunnies start to experience a sexual lag in their relationship?” Watch, love, laugh, and learn the answer! You will not be disappointed! Great job to all involved!

Check out the film at their Facebook page AND ALSO check out the contest! If you send an email – by April 20, 2015 to – with the names of 3 sex toys seen in the film, you can win a $350 gift certificate to chez noir!


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