Weekly Writing Prompts vol. 17; March 30th – April 5th 2015

1) Given that some things are given, what are things that are not? Why?

2) A character has a special ability that only manifests when he or she is asleep. Write his or her story.

3) Politics can divide but also unite. Write a conversation between characters where it does both.

4) A character survives solely on condiments. How? Why?

5) In the world of espionage, olives are the great equalizer. Write a scene where this might actually be true.

6) A character has always asked for advice for the simple reason of doing the exact opposite of what has been advised. Write this character’s background.

dbc9683dbb14d97f1_b8e5bece7b-300x3807) Considered the picture and answer: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?


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