The Writer’s Alphabet vol. 9; “I” is for Interconnection


This column is more of a web as opposed to a list because interconnection is like that. Every letter is connected to every other letter because everything I write about here is all connected to writing. And everything in writing is all connected as well. Characters, settings, time periods, yup all are, or should be connected. Why a story happens during a certain year matters for the characters you have created for that story, and the places they interact also should play a huge role. Otherwise why the hell did you choose that person in that place at that time?

One of my favourite aspects of interconnection occurs when an author with some cache interconnects characters or places from one story to another. Christopher Moore does this with brilliance in his novels You Suck and A Dirty Job. To elaborate would ruin it. Read the trilogy that includes You Suck and then read A Dirty Job and you’ll get what I’m saying. Or read them the other way around as I did, it doesn’t matter, just read the friggin’ awesome books. Another example is Castle Rock, Maine, a fictional town that is the setting for many of Stephen King’s stories.

Interconnection at its most basic is necessary because it helps clearly define the “why” behind your story. At its most glamourous it’s a nice “easter egg” for readers that won’t drag them away from the page for too long. Even if it does it will be because they are thinking about another piece of your writing as opposed to whispering “what the fuck?” to themselves before they heave your hard work against the wall and pick up another book by someone who gave a damn about interconnection.


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