The Writer’s Alphabet vol.8; “H” is for History


For lack of finding a better “H” word, here’s what I came up with:

A common belief is that if you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it. Even the good stuff. History is especially important with characters and plots. If you are writing a historical piece, for the love of the facepalm, do the research! If not, history is still important. Before sitting down to write or edit, you should know the history of the characters you are writing about. It is this history that informs the character’s actions. Not only will this help to create believable characters it will make you look like far less of an idiot. More important, it will keep people interested in the story as opposed to having their eyes ripped from the page and into their brains wondering why this character did this inane thing that makes no sense. Unless there is an awesome explanation, but that awesome explanation must also make sense with respect to character and plot and thus, history can be a tremendous help in making this happen.

“Know the history, don’t put others through misery!” Wow, another jtkwriting original quote to end a piece. I need to write these down. Somewhere other than this blog. Unless the internet is here to stay, then, well, all is good!


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