The Writer’s Alphabet vol. 7; “G” is for God

GDon’t worry. This post isn’t about religion. I wouldn’t put anyone through more torture than what I already have and will with my writing.

Anyway, the idea of God, religion, fiction, writing, and narration all play in together. According to some religions – and question me all you want on this, I went to Catholic school for over a decade – God is supposedly the omniscient creator, or narrator of our life stories. We as writers, especially fiction writers are very much the same. The biggest difference being that fiction needs to make sense. And this is really the only argument I have in defence of religion as a real thing: it doesn’t make sense and leaves out the biggest question fiction must answer: “why?”

As writers and narrators the why of something is the most important question anyone will have when picking up your work and also the most important question we can ask when we sit down to write. Why are we writing this? And then, why did our character act that way? If we don’t have an intelligent answer that makes sense for that character then we need to hit the backspace button and try again. What I’m saying is be better than (the) God(s) and answer the most important question because if you don’t your fiction will be frustrating and unreadable for all of those except the people that have the most “faith” in you. And for those readers, they don’t need an answer, just some words to grab and hold dear even as common sense stares them in the face.

“Don’t be a prick, explain that shit.” That is a jtkwriting original. I think.


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