Last Caress, Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

I heard once that the only answer to the question of, “why?” is, “why not?” A professor allegedly asked it as the last question on an exam and apparently, “why not?” was the only correct answer. I’m sure there is some theory behind it for to argued and make some semblance of sense and in thinking about I guess I’m on board with that. “Why?” has always been something I’ve asked myself throughout my life. I would argue it is the most important question that can be asked.

Why am I writing this? Because I need to get it out and have this story heard.

Why do I do these jobs? Because of the threat against you.

Why do we work? Because in the economic system that we follow we give our time in the form of work to “earn” money which we use to live.

Why is the time of people in entertainment valued more than the time of people teaching entertainment or people helping to save lives? Because people would rather be entertained than learn and be healthy. I’ll admit there is a huge logic gap there, and you can fill in the blanks because I really don’t care to and my time doing it isn’t compensated.

But “why?” is the question.


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