Last Caress, Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16

In keeping with the idea of family and ancestors and generations, I can’t help but think about how my actions have deprived the world, specifically the future world and future generations. I heard that the measure of a generation used to be 20-25 years and now, because of the advancement of technology the gap between generations is only about a decade. I wonder what it will be in another half-century? 5 years? 6 months?

Generations though and everything that the future will never know they missed because of me is crippling. I heard an anecdote with respect to the rapid growth of technology. If someone were to explain a modern computer to Ben Franklin (or anyone from 100 plus years ago) he/she/they would think it would literally be made of magic because no matter how intelligent the student, they wouldn’t be able to grasp the simple concepts or technology behind the device. They would simply be too foreign. And that is not saying that brilliance didn’t exist with these generations, just that the knowledge gap would be too large a leap.

Of every job that I have done, how has that impacted the course of the world? Everything we or a butterfly does in our lives has an impact, but the biggest impacts are felt with birth and death. The beginning and end of life. Without the beginning we would never have accomplished anything and without the end, well, I can’t actually think of a reason for death. But immortality is not a subject I have any experience with, nor is it one I want to tackle.

But I will never stop thinking about the amount of magic I have stolen from the present and future world.


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