Meet bar & kitchen: Jonny Nadler

10455125_10152368558619531_2304748398080098274_nComfort, honesty, and love. These are the words that Jonny Nadler believes in. They are his managing philosophy and they are what he gives every guest of bar & kitchen when they cross the threshold into his latest hospitality venture.

Jonny has built this philosophy over a lifetime in the food & beverage industry which started under the tutelage of his father who, from the time he was a child, showed Jonny the hard work necessary to build a successful business. Since those early days, Jonny has gone on to manage establishments first in Guelph and then in Toronto. His experience at the University of Guelph led to work with the Guelph Storm and the historic landmark, The Albion Hotel, the latter being a major point of pride and touchstone of his life and career.

Arriving in Toronto, Jonny notes his time at The Mill Street Brew Pub and El Catrin as highlights, both of which allowed him to build his brand and philosophy. In August of 2013, Jonny arrived at Game Day in the Little Italy neighbourhood of Toronto. In the year that passed, Jonny’s passion for hospitality shone, building relationships with customers that he wishes to carry through as he takes his thirst for growth and evolution to bar & kitchen.

Comfort, honesty, and love. “The food is very honest, the people are very warm and the drinks give you a lot of love,” he says with a smile and wistful glance, no doubt, towards the future.

With this philosophy Jonny welcomes you to bar & kitchen where the feeling of community is prevalent. The investment in people and building honest, full relationships with guests is something he prides himself on, where gratitude comes not in the form of a pat on the back, but in having a guest return for more comfort, honesty and love.


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