Weekly Writing Prompts vol. 15; November 10th – November 16th 2014

1) Someone is standing on a ledge looking 100 stories above a city. What are his/her reasons to step back? What are his/her reasons to step forward?

2) A character attends a wedding for someone he/she used to love. Things go awry before the ceremony even starts. Write the scenes before and after the ceremony.

3) Two characters meet on a streetcar going to work and spend a year sharing their morning commute. Write their story.

4) Having almost drowned as a child, a character has avoided swimming for 20 years. They are now faced with a choice: jump in and try to save someone or cower. Write the scene.

5) A country road has a reputation for being haunted. A skeptic decides to test the theory. They are surprised by what they find. Why?

6) A year from now, a character will question every decision they have ever made in their lives. Why?

57d33_4f78__939c92bbcd2e3321-220x380 7) Check out the pic and answer: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?


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