Weekly Writing Prompts vol. 14; November 3rd – November 9th 2014

1) On a morning walk two people meet and it will change the life of a third character forever. Write the scene.

2) While kicking autumn leaves, a character turns over the world of another world. Write a short story about this.

3) Unless Lorne wakes up at 9am every morning the world will come to an end. Why?

4) Is the world changing colour or is a character developing colour blindness? Write 3 paragraphs about it.

5) Through her left eye Thelma sees one world, through her right she sees another. How and why?

6) What if?

_d962cbd43_e_73d__952dc6829d-300x3807) Check out the picture. Who, what, when, where, why, how?


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