Weekly Writing Prompts vol.13; October 20th – October 26th 2014

1) Over come with the intensity of effort it takes to get out of bed, Linus gives up and doesn’t leave. He ends up having one of the most adventurous days of his life. Tell his story in 3 pages or less.

2) Olivia can’t stand it when someone sneaks something behind her back. She turns to find this happening. Write her rant in one sentence.

3) The Hats and Toques are squaring off for another round of battle but one Hat and one Toque have a secret that might end the conflict on the spot. Write the scene.

4) It is Wilson’s last day working in the super-secret archive for super-secret government documents. Wilson has just about had enough with all of the super-secret bullshit. Write a short story about this.

5) Write a rejection letter for a world famous work of art.

6) Sandra is ready to run. To where she doesn’t know, but she just took her first step. Write a 3-sentence story about this.

73bf802e08b4_fd_cf06f57c57f9-460x3807) Check out the photo and answer who, what, when, where, how, and why?


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