Weekly Writing Prompts vol.12; October 6th – October 12th 2014

1) A tremble was felt through the small universe contained within a droplet of morning dew. Write a paragraph about the effects of this occurrence.

2) Write a page about ferocity.

3) The word feeble traditionally means “weak”. Write a 3 sentence story about how it could mean “strong”.

4) One time eating a meal of liver and onions saved the world. Write about it.

5) In a ghastly turn of events, a horse wasn’t a horse of course…where, when, why and how?

6) “I wish you the best that anyone could ever hope for,” Petra said to Justin. Petra didn’t actually mean this. Why?

658294821c09af5cf9a0b38758fb-post7) Michael Caine is holding this gun. What are his thoughts, beyond I look quite dapper and stately with this gun?


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