Weekly Writing Prompts vol.11; September 29th – October 5th 2014

1) Olivia lived life in an endless loop until one day ________ broke her out of it. What was that thing? Write the scene.

2) Write a scene set in a world where the eyes are actually the mirror to the soul.

3) Apartment building balconies have many interconnections. Write three connected short stories about three apartment balconies.

4) “More ill-advised words have never been spoken,” Jenny said. Norman was overcome with anxiety but had no place to run. Write the next three sentences.

5) Write a scene where one character is overcome with grief while another is overcome with joy.

6) Jason Voorhees is having a conversation with Michael Myers about Freddy Krueger. Write the conversation.

f79047459cffe3cc5f478276c55d-post7) There are possibly a million stories to be told in the photo to the left. Write one of them but relate it to the rest of the writing prompts.


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