Weekly Writing Prompts vol.10; September 22nd – September 28th 2014

1) Thelma could create fire. It took her to the edge of oblivion but she could do it. Write a scene where Thelma passes into oblivion and is unsure if she can make it back.

2) Write a scene where the weather causes havoc.

3) In the grand scheme of life, every moment plays a role. Write a 3 sentence story about a moment whose role is so pivotal that if it doesn’t happen life would cease to exist.

4) There used to be a woman that sat on the corner. One day she is not there. Why?

5) Write a scene where peace, love and honesty end up being the end of a once beautiful moment.

6) Long before the beginning, there was the end. Write a scene where this makes sense.

3e7f3883c_df78cd4736c80_254f-460x3807) Fire. It’s a thing. What is happening in this picture to make it so?


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