Weekly Writing Prompts vol.7; August 25th – 31st

1) Long ago, in a land far away, Walker used up her last dime on a rag that would change her world and start a revolution. Write a short play (10 minutes) about this.

2) Write a 3 sentence story about a vacation gone both horribly right and horribly wrong.

3) 1 Yemen Road, Yemen is a real place. What happens there?

4) When he gets home from work George usually spends an hour talking to his apartment. Today, after that hour, he hears a response. What happens next?

5) A short time ago, in a land too close for comfort, Norm met Walker, a woman of magnificent power and intrigue. Write their initial conversation and, of course, feel free to continue with it for as long as you see fit.

6) There was always one book that brought the 4 of them together. Who are they are what is the book? Write a short story about this situation.

7) _788e34_bbb2501051e792d133e6-300x380It’s midnight in the garden of good and evil. Three characters arrive from different directions and meet at the fateful statue. They know each other but don’t know that yet. Write the scene.


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