Weekly Writing Prompts vol.6; August 18th – August 24th 2014

1) Two people have been broken up for a month and one of them is locked out of his/her new apartment. Write a short story about the ensuing action.

2) Write a paragraph about a happy accident.

3) Write a 10 sentence story about a decade in a person’s life.

4) We often hear the phrase, “the be all and end all.” Write two paragraphs from the perspective of two characters named Be All and End All.

5) It has been said that life can pass by in a moment. Write about a life that literally passes by in a moment.

6) Write a page about a heist gone wrong.

7)_e289b74_9972706fec1b1f81ccb-620x380 Write the story that surrounds this photo.


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