Weekly Writing Prompts vol. 5 August 11th- August 17th

1) Every morning Eva wandered through the valley of Self-Doubt. She enjoyed her routine. She loved cresting the edge and climbing over because every morning a new thought popped in her head of how greatness awaited. Write a weeks worth of “new thoughts” for Eva.

2) Oliver and his Jack Russell Arthur spoke to each other regularly. Write a paragraph about how they discovered they can have intelligent conversations.

3) Write a 3 sentence story about a political campaign.

4) The King of the Damned meets the Queen of Enlightenment. Write a 10 Minute Play about them. Or just write for 10 minutes and see what happens.

5) The Incredible Hulk walks into a diner, orders a cup of lemon tea and begins to do the Sunday Crossword. He is approached by ________ and _______ ensues. Who and what happens?

6) 4 characters are connected by a sense of terrible dread, though the reason they all feel this is beyond ridiculous. Write a paragraph from thec451_cb7ecb78ddbd9c1302f6d_8-460x380 perspective of each and a final paragraph that ties them all together.

7) The building in the picture was the site of a scene of extreme hope, joy and love, but also the site of scene of unexpected and explicit horror. Write both.


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