Weekly Writing Prompts vol.4; August 5th – August 10th

1) Killian is riding a horse. Killian has no clue how to ride a horse. Continue…

2) The three of them were supposed to meet in the red room, but they find themselves in the blue room. They have five minutes to find the red room, but the door they all entered through has disappeared.

3) Write a scene from the perspective of a park bench.

4) Rita hasn’t seen her son for 20 years. She received a call from him yesterday just after getting back from visiting his grave.

5) 3 Sentence Story about harmony.

6) Damien has just discovered, with the most definitive evidence, that _______ might actually be ________. Why and how?

e76166e42958d8_d46d4c2c__404-380x380 7) “Hand in hand, they walked toward the sunrise. The last few hours were filled with adventures but it was _________ that would keep them together though they were destined to spend years apart.” Complete the blank and write a short story with the picture and sentence in mind.


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