“An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green

an_abundance_of_katherines_by_gogocow108-d5pa8d4An Abundance of Katherines by John Green was an unexpected journey. It was delightful, but it was one of those books where the jacket description didn’t match up entirely with the narrative between the covers. That being said, read it! If you like John Green, of whom I am a recent admirer having just completed Looking for Alaska, you will like Katherines.

Much like Alaska, I read Katherines during the summer months and felt drawn back to my youth in a summer-camp-esque way. Reading it was like being, not only on a mental vacation, but a physical one as well. I was drawn into the world of Colin, Hassan, and Lindsey Lee Wells as they spent part of their summer in Gutshot, Tennessee trying to maximize the waning days of their adolescence before having to make “real” decisions in the “real world”. I know I am not alone when I wax nostalgic for those seemingly endless days and months of my late teen years when I craved independence only to realize now that I had the best parts of it, without the “bullshit” – for lack of a better term – that comes with actual independence and “adulthood”.

So, yes, read it!


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