Weekly Writing Prompts vol.3; July 28 to August 3, 2014

Here’s what I’m trying to do with the Weekly Writing Prompts: Vol. 1

1) Write what happens next: “Unless you intend on spending the rest of your life atoning for this ridiculous turn of events, I suggest you apologize to her right now. As in, stop standing there like an asshole and go talk to her. NOW!” Elias waited a moment, making sure that Yvonne was serious and then…

2) Write a 3 sentence story about someone who literally thinks they are waiting for Godot.

3) Listen to the song “Runaway” by Troup and incorporate it into a scene between 3 characters.

4) Patricia just realized she dropped her metro-pass. Where, she doesn’t know, but Greg does because he picked it up and he is walking just a few steps behind her with the intention of finally having a reason to talk to the red-headed girl he sees every morning. How does their conversation go?

5) Write a series of 5 scenes that are connected by a feeling of absolute elation.

6) What if the “Peace Sign” was never created? Write a short origin story about its replacement.

7bf957678ef813_b8e2dce92cf16-460x3807) Look at the picture and answer these questions: a) Where the hell is she coming from? b) Where the hell is she going? c) What the hell is she thinking?


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