Weekly Writing Prompts vol.2; July 21st to July 27th

Here’s what I am hoping to do with this: Weekly Writing Prompts vol.1


1) Write a 3 sentence story (think Beginning, Middle, End) about a manuscript submission to a Literary Agency.

2) “What, in the deepest level of hell, made you think that was a good idea?” Fiona said. And then…

3) A group of 4 characters must literally locate a needle in a haystack. A sniper watches their every move. Write one paragraph from each character’s perspective.

4) Just as Yvonne misses the bus she turns around to find ________.

5) Edward thinks he is the reincarnation of ________. Edward is a cat. Write a day in the life of Edward.

6) A researcher, who was online looking for a good recipe for vegetable lasagna, discovers that “42” is actually the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything (see Douglas Adams). What happens next?

7) 66374f4c73c112802fe5c02ecc11-220x380What happened right before and right after this picture (to the left)?


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