Weekly Writing Prompts Vol.1 – July 14th – July 20th

I recently had a couple friends ask me how to get over writer’s block and to spare you the details of many Facebook messages I basically told them to focus on writing something other than the subject about which they were blocked. That and that they should also read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield as it talks about “Resistance” in a way that makes writer’s block seem like the fallacy that it is.

So with that in mind I came up with the idea to post 7 writing prompts for the upcoming week. These can be done daily or all at once or as part of one story. Any which way you desire. The intention to help get people writing and thinking creatively in general. I intend on participating as well and posting whatever I come up with on the Sunday (or Monday) at the end of the week at which time I will post the 7 new prompts for the following week. I will also post whatever submissions I receive at that same time. Let it be known that these prompts are original material and that I make them up on the spot so anything resembling people, places, or things, living or dead is coincidence only. I don’t want to be sued for trying to help creativity. Alright…let’s do this!

1) Write a piece of short fiction that includes the line, “I have always looked good in the colour green.”

2) 340c7f82cfdf08421__3f885b661-220x380Who is the girl in the photo to the left? Who is she looking at? Why the candles? Who is she with? Where is she? Where was she? Where is she going?

3) Write a scene at a diner at 7am that involves 3 characters, each with a secret burning within.

4) Two people meet at a Farmer’s Market. What happens next?

5) After 10 years, Jake finally has a chance to make good on his biggest regret. Does he follow through?

6) Write a scene where sadness blankets a room.

7) Write a 3 sentence story that involves a song being overheard in the background.

If you want to send yours in, put it in the body of the email (no attachments) and I’ll post it here! Unless it’s a freakin’ novel. How about no more than 2000 words? I will never claim ownership of the work and will post it under your name and also list any contact details you might want to include (email; website/blog; twitter). I will promo your work on twitter so you can share as well. I will reserve the right to not post anything I find offensive, however, I do feel that my definition of “artistic license” is very broad so please send away. If I do not post anything I will send an email back explaining why. And if you become famous because of something posted here I will not come after you for royalties or any bullshit like that, but a shout out to this blog would be nice 🙂

You can send your submissions to: jtkwriting@gmail.com. Please use “blog submission” in the subject line.

Alright! Let’s get this experiment going! Thanks for reading!


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