Baker’s Dozen!

bakers_dozen.web_-250x250Baker’s Dozen is the perfect example of the hilarity that can ensue when an actor decides to channel twelve characters with his fist inside a puppet.

Adam Francis Proulx delivers a duodecad of unique performances without skipping a beat with respect to “costume” changes or character transitions. Because Adam shares the stage with the puppet characters and is entirely visible throughout the performance, I was interested to see how this would translate and if I would be distracted by the actor/character/puppet trinity. At first, I found I was enjoying the jump back and forth between actor and puppet. After the first transition, I found myself entirely focused on the character which is an amalgam where both actor and puppet play equal parts and they play them very well.

From the program: “Our aim is to experiment with a form we’re calling “tandem puppetry…”. To the Company of Baker’s Dozen, I think your experiment is a success.

With respect to story, I was intrigued. A jury of twelve randomly selected “peers” to decide the fate of an alleged murderer is a great framework to create and explore the twelve characters presented. The question started with “whodunnit?”, but evolved to “which character is coming next?” That is not to say that the story lacked. Not at all. I was just more engrossed with the performance with the story acting as a perfect complement.

So…GO SEE IT! Buy tickets!

There are only 2 shows remaining. Both are at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace at 16 Ryerson Ave, North of Queen, East of Bathurst:

Friday July 11th at 7pm & Sunday July 13th at 4pm


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