Toronto Star “Big Ideas”

With their Big Ideas movement The Toronto Star is crowd-sourcing ways to build a great city. At least it was when they were still taking ideas. I kind of dropped the ball on this one by not posting about it earlier, however, I’m on the ball now because they just published the Top 35 Big Ideas on their website!

Anyway! Check out the site here and in the link above.

What I love about this is the communal aspect of it. The Star put it out there that it really is up to us – the citizens of Toronto – to bring the great ideas forward and to push the people we elect to follow through on these ideas. The issue of who we elect and their talent and will to govern is an entirely different and immense debate, but I love the intent put forward with this event. It truly shows the diversity of thought we have about our city but also the passion that people have to create a city, for the better, in our own image. Not all of the ideas can be put into place as some are opposing but they were put into the debate which is the main point. I also think of the international implications of this and how it is the people, not the people they elect who can and should have a say as to the world we build. Again, there is the topic of politics and democracy et cetera, that I keep thinking about with respect to this movement, but the main takeaway I have is that people still care about the world we live in and have passion for continuing to, at least attempt, to make it better.



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