The Toronto incarnation of the Fringe Festival is back! If you are in the city from July 2-13 you are obligated to check out at least one of the 150 shows that are gracing Toronto’s stages. With prices ranging from $10-$12, what the Fringe does best is provide entertaining theatre from all genres that won’t hurt your wallet. So basically, you get out of the house, you are entertained and you can still enjoy some more entertainment of whatever type you enjoy while still being able to pay rent and eat. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Another part of Fringe I enjoy is the beer/info tent, called “The Fringe Club”, located in the Honest Ed’s alley way. Here you’ll be able to meet some of the creative minds behind Fringe while enjoying a cold beverage in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Check out the website here, and get into the conversation on Twitter with the #FringeTO. Also, Facebook!

Tickets are available online, at the box office in The Fringe Club, and at the door for the shows. Buy quick and early though because a lot of shows are selling out!

Fringe is a great opportunity for you to support both local and international theatre, and creativity in general, at its grassroots. I feel it is one of the premiere festivals that allows for the building and fostering of talent that gives artists a foot in the door for their work to be enjoyed, maybe for the first time by an audience, which can open doors and help dreams come true. And who doesn’t want to help people achieve their dreams?

Support the arts!


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