#fringeslut Review!

slut-poster-colour_webTo start, I don’t have a fancy rating system so I will say this: GO SEE IT! If you can that is. The first two nights of Slut sold out and it appears that will be the case for the show’s run. Buy tickets early! Buy tickets now!

Slut – the brainchild of Erin Thompson one part of the duo that includes Slut producer Tracey Beltrano of Beer in a Glass Productions – is bold, honest, heartfelt, hilarious and poignant. The message comes through clear and is one that all people of all generations, genders and gene pools should embrace: Be you. Accept yourself. Accept your story.

Erin plays the goddess Diana to Robert Steven Wilkinson’s Apollo and through soliloquy, song, and dance tells multiple stories of boy meets girl meets girl meets boy. Under the direction of Dahlia Katz, Erin enlivens the characters making them whole, while also making each her own as she expertly inhabits the performance space.

Besides the beauty of the performance, Dahlia’s Director’s Note from the program is simply an excellent piece of writing. And Erin’s Playwright’s Note could be another subtitle for the show. I’m not sure if people review program notes, but maybe we can make it a new thing?

Here’s what others had to say:

NOW Magazine (review by Jordan Bimm) : The NNNN Review

Mooney on Theatre (review by Samantha Wu): Slut Review

Here’s the remaining show times:

Mon, July 7th 5PM-6PM
Wed July 9th 5:45PM-6:45PM
Thurs July 10th 1:45PM-2:45PM
Fri July 11th 9:45PM-10:45PM
Sat July 12th 11:30PM-12:30AM




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