“I Take My Anna Everywhere” by Irving Layton

So one day, let’s say 5 years ago – 5 because I can’t remember the actual year and if it was less than 5 years then I would remember – I was riding the subway in Toronto and I noticed this poem splashed up amongst the ads. It was part of the “subway poetry” series that the TTC has been running for a few years.

Anyway, the last two lines hit me hard and I wrote them down in one of my writing/scribble/idea books. I happened upon the quote as I was going through a stack of notes and decided it should be shared.

The link where I grabbed this from can be found here: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Love-Poetry/1547326

The poem is titled, I Take My Anna Everywhere and it was written by Irving Layton. Enjoy!:

“I take my Anna everywhere.
She is so beautiful she can break
a man’s heart with a look,
the proud thrust of her shoulder.

She tells me she will die young.
I tell her all beautiful women have the same
premonition. Brevity is the stamp
of beauty, sealing it in the mouths of men.

I take my Anna everywhere.
She has the unpitying gaze of a goddess.
All the men who see her
want to live their wrecked lives forever.”

The bold sends bumps to the goose part of my skin.


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