Danny & Isabelle vol.6 + Music

Hello, hello, hello. Against Me!’s “Borne On The FM Waves of the Heart” is probably the song that best represents the story of Danny and Isabelle in aural form so that’s why it’s at the top! 🙂

Anyway…after a long summer, involving writing and not writing, I’ve finally finished another draft of my manuscript about Daniel Porter and Isabelle Foster and how they just can’t seem to get together. More on that later, as in much later, as in not in this post.

What is in this post is a list of songs that: 1) I listened to while I was writing. 2) Acted as inspiration for the plot. 3) Are contained, without breaking copyright laws, in the manuscript itself. There’s a ton more than what I’ve included here, but these ones were the essentials. Also after the cut, I posted the 4 other videos for the songs that I think best pertain to the story. Hopefully this is the draft or one of the last drafts I write before I start pitching. To be honest, I’m glad I finished when I did because I needed time away from this story. I can’t read it again! Not for a while at least.

Pilate – “Melt Into The Walls”; The Lowest of the Low – “Rosy and Grey”; Against Me! – “Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart”; Smashing Pumpkins – “Landslide”; My Chemical Romance – “Vampire Money”; Snow Patrol – “Open Your Eyes”; Josh Ritter – “To The Dogs or Whoever”; The Avett Brothers – “If It’s the Beaches”; The Weakerthans – “My Favourite Chords; Sleepercar – “Wednesday Nights”; Delta Spirit – “Bushwick Blues”; The Gaslight Anthem – “1930”; Young The Giant – “My Body”; Coldplay – “Us Against The World”; Ray LaMontagne – “Burn”; The Gaslight Anthem – “Howl”; The Gaslight Anthem – “45”; The Gaslight Anthem – “Handwritten”; The Pogues – “Love You ‘Til the End”; Train – “Hey, Soul Sister”; Train – “Drop of Jupiter”; Train – “Marry Me”


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