The Gaslight Anthem & Song Inspiration vol.88 & Writing Exercise

“Handwritten” by The Gaslight Anthem

When I first downloaded this song I listened to it on repeat until I didn’t anymore. It’s safe to say that the boys of the gaslight are my favourite band. Their music oozes emotion, but not in an “emo” way. Their recipe is powerful chords, strong beats and reflective lyrics. “Handwritten” might be their magnum opus, but then again, I could describe every one of their songs that way. At the very least, it’s another great example of how they manage to capture a moment, a feeling or a memory and turn it into an aural event. If this band ever stops making music, I might just stop listening to it all together, because no other group of musicians move me the way that these guys do. Not since The Ataris and Bruce Springsteen, have I been this excited to listen to songs. When I write, its partially my goal to tap into whatever vein these guys opt for, and bleed a little of it all over my pages. I want to inspire and elicit the same emotions in the people that read my words as Gaslight inspire and elicit in me with their songs. It’s that simple.

“Handwritten” Lyrics

Writing Exercise: Write something that includes one character being inspired to act because of the lyric, “I’m in love with the way you’re in love with the night.”


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