“The Romantics” by Galt Niederhoffer

Back of Book Blurb: Laura and Lila were college roomates – one brooding and Jewish, the other the epitome of golden WASP-dom – at the center of a close-knit group of witty, warm, quirky friends. Now it’s ten years later, a day before Lila’s wedding to Laura’s former boyfriend, and as the guests arrive, Laura finds herself the only one not coupled up. Struggling with the traditionally thankless role of maid of honour, Laura realizes for the first time why she can’t stop thinking about her long, tangled relationship with the groom. And it appears that he is not entirely ready for the altar himself.

Okay, well, hmmm…The Big Chill starring former Yale students anyone?

Apparently my recent reads have some thematic similarities. Well, that’s not entirely true, nor is it absolutely true that the original cover of this book came in any florescent colours ala Jodi Picoult or Emily Giffin. It would be a safe assumption due to the title and the description of the book, however, Galt Niederhoffer’s story, while it focuses on the relationship between Laura and Lila, is much more than a tale of female companionship and competition. Yes, that is what is at it’s heart, but what drew me to The Romantics- in addition toThe Big Chillness of the whole thing of course – was, once again, the story of close friends and their complicated, ever-changing (and everlasting) relationship(s).

I also have watched the film written and directed by Niederhoffer – a long time film producer – and as is usually case, the book, with its built-in leeway, exceeds its visual representation. I find I will only watch film adaptations of books when I enjoy the book enough to want to see how the characters and the story will be portrayed. Seeing as Niederhoffer had a major hand in the creation of both I had to give it another 90 minutes of my time.

If you like The Big Chill and you like stories about decade spanning friendships and weddings and last chances and all that stuff, check it out. At the very least, watch the movie. It’s missing some things, but it’ll give you the jist. What I find with stories (and pretty much everything) though is the jist just isn’t enough.


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2 responses to ““The Romantics” by Galt Niederhoffer

  • girlwithoutadream

    Movies are never as good as the books. It’s like a completely different story from the creative process your mind uses when you read a good book. Even the Clockwork Orange was 100x more disturbing as a book. I don’t know where I am going with this… so I’ll just say I’m about to try this book out 😉

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