HAPPY NEW YEAR! and “Don’t Break the Chain”!

HAPPY NEW YEAR writers! I’m off to a fantastic start working on a couple articles that I’m going to pitch early next week and then get to editing my “Danny ans Isabelle” manuscript. I’ll be updating everyday from here on out because what’s the point of writing and blogging unless you do it everyday.

With that in mind I would like to remind everyone about Jerry Seinfeld’s method –  brought to us here by The Writer’s Store – called Don’t Break The Chain. It involves motivating yourself to write something or do something directly writing related everyday and as “reward” and for more motivation you make an X-mark. After a few (of even two) days you have a “chain” the point is not to break it. It makes a lot more sense when you take a look at the calender in the above link.

Use it, do it, love it, write it.

And again, Happy New Year!


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