The Summer Of Jonathan Tropper and John Landy

Jonathan Tropper is the John Hughes of literature for 25-35 year olds.

I spent this summer reading all of Mr. Tropper’s five novels back-to-back and I can say without a shadow of a doubt they changed my life. I haven’t been this inspired by an author since reading Christopher Moore, Paulo Coelho and Stephen King.

What Tropper manages to capture in his novels are the very characters and themes that I wish to capture and his books provide clear cut examples that what I want to do can be done. There is nothing more inspirational than seeing that what you want to accomplish can actually be accomplished. I wish I could say I would be the next Roger Bannister (the guy who broke the 4 minute mile – at one time thought impossible) but I’ll settle for being John Landy et al.

Is there more to say? Of course, but I will leave it at that and continue on, because, alas, I’m still just a few seconds over the 4 minute mark.

Check out Jonathan Tropper’s books here: his website

Also, you can buy them anywhere that books are sold, unless they’re all out, then meh…go somewhere else.



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