Recommitment To Writing

“You need to wake up every morning knowing that you’re on the cusp of greatness. You were born to do great things and you’re minutes away from getting there.” – Arun Jay

It was the above quote from a text message sent to me by my friend Arun that inspired me to write this.

Writing is the only thing that makes me feel like part of the world. It makes me want to be part of the world. I function better when I do it everyday. I’m not 100% when I let go of its hand for longer than I should. It’s weird, because I can’t control the feeling of incompleteness. I might be doing whatever it is I’m doing and someone will ask, “Is everything alright?”, and I’ll say, “Yes” without a thought. But when I do think about it, I realize that the reason I’m not all there is because I haven’t put finger to keyboard in any meaningful way for a while. It’s now at the point where I can’t even help it. It just shows. It hasn’t been a tough year. It’s actually been pretty fucking amazing. With respect to writing though, it’s been somewhat of a challenge. I haven’t produced what I’ve wanted and, clearly, by what I’ve stated, I haven’t produced what I’ve needed either. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Fulfilling our  needs. It’s by doing this that we achieve not only a sense of happiness but a sense of comfort and completion…a sense of bliss.

And with that being said:


I haven’t been there for you as you have for me and for that I apologize. Not to you, however, but to myself. As Red City Radio sings in Captioned For The Hearing Impaired, “there’s no turning back, and there’s no staying the same”…and with that in mind I look forward to recommitting myself to you because it is only with you and through you, Writing, that I will will be able to not turn back and not stay the same.

From, Douchey Writer Guy

And so…call or text me for beers or coffees or hugs or advice or rants or hangs or confidence boosting oogling and if I’m not writing I will be there.

All love.

I feel the following lyrics and video works here. (The lyrics are to the song in the video)

“We’re going nowhere with our backs against the wall,
we’ll take it all we’ll watch them fall for one and all,
we’re going nowhere we’re not giving up this ground,
we claim it all the lost the found,
and it’s hard to find your way back home when you’re all alone,
I know how you feel,
it’s the same sad song that just plays too long,
do you fear like I fear,
I’m just trying to find who my friends are,
if it takes losing all of them just to find the real one,
well no way shape or form will I tolerate the back and forth,
between the faith that’s lost in me and the angry faces I see,

If every dog has its day,
then god forbid that this dog’s day be today,
we’re singing along to these siren songs,
we’re dreamers with our ends in sight,
it’s never too late for you to hitch a ride,(LOVE THIS PART!)
we’re singing along to these siren songs,

There is something about the way we sing with our backs against the wall,
there’s something about the way it never fails to seem,
we’ll take then all we’ll watch them fall,
that if nothing ever changes and nothing ever gets better with time,(EPIC!)
we’ll keep singing,

We were reckless throwing caution to the wind,
we left the wreckage never to return again,
we’re singing along to these siren songs,
we’re no angels no strangers to sin,
we’ve been disheartened I’ve lost too many friends,
still we’re singing along to these siren songs,
and we’ll keep singing along,”


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One response to “Recommitment To Writing

  • greenlivetrees

    the third paragraph in your post made me start this wordpress account. finally. maybe i’ll get the patience and strength to gather all the pieces i’ve left on password protected myspaces and dare to share them with the world. silent poetry is not poetry. it’s nothing.

    thank you, Jeff.

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