I watched Buried (dir: Rodrigo Cortes, writer: Chris Sparling) a couple days ago and I must say I was impressed. When I was picking up the DVD I asked the guy at the store what his thoughts were as I was hesitant about watching Buried. I figured if the entire movie just focused on Ryan Reynolds character in the box then I might become bored and then only make it through 20 before turning it off while thinking, “oh my god, who cares?”. This didn’t happen. From the first moments I was locked in.

Buried is very well shot and Reynolds comes through with his actions and reactions. Music plays a huge and very well planned and edited role. Light and different colours of light also make a big impact. My one complaint is about the musical choice for the credits. I think they failed here and would have been better off going without music entirely. Anyway, check it out. 🙂


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