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Song Inspiration vol.78 & Writing Exercise

Alkaline Trio – “Jaked On Green Beers”

Write a scene, story or “something” that can fill a cocktail napkin about one person who dedicates this song to another…or maybe themselves.


Song Inspiration vol.77 (“Astoria”)

Blind Pilot – “Always”

When I listen to this song I always (haha) think about each one of the characters doing their own activity but thinking about one or more of the other characters and it reads like somewhat of a continuous loop of unknown thought between the six friends.

Word On The Street

Today is Word On The Street in Toronto where publishers, agents and writers from all corners of the writing world go hang in Queen’s Park (on Avenue Rd. just south of Bloor St.) for the day and, well, hang.

I’m going…are you?

Scriptapalooza 2012 Competition

Scriptapalooza has announced their new website and the early bird deadline for their 2012 feature script competition. Info about the TV competition can be found here: Scriptapalooza TV.

TIFF Day 5

Here’s the sked for tomorrow: TIFF 2011 Day 5 – Monday September 12th


I watched Buried (dir: Rodrigo Cortes, writer: Chris Sparling) a couple days ago and I must say I was impressed. When I was picking up the DVD I asked the guy at the store what his thoughts were as I was hesitant about watching Buried. I figured if the entire movie just focused on Ryan Reynolds character in the box then I might become bored and then only make it through 20 before turning it off while thinking, “oh my god, who cares?”. This didn’t happen. From the first moments I was locked in.

Buried is very well shot and Reynolds comes through with his actions and reactions. Music plays a huge and very well planned and edited role. Light and different colours of light also make a big impact. My one complaint is about the musical choice for the credits. I think they failed here and would have been better off going without music entirely. Anyway, check it out. 🙂

Favourite Scene(s) vol.6

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