“Astoria” and Accomplishment

As every writer knows, what you set out to do isn’t always what you get done. At the beginning of July it was my intention to start a new writing project. I followed through on this intention, however, I hit a wall when I realized that I needed to do more plotting. Unlike Stephen King, I can’t just sit at the computer and pound it out until I have a manuscript. I need to know where I’m going which is why I usually come up with my endings first. That way I know what my characters ultimately want and then work back to where their story begins.

So after doing some plotting and some living, my mind wandered back to a television pilot (complete with a show bible) I wrote a few years ago titled, Astoria. I’ve flirted with idea of writing the story of these characters as a book before but never seriously until I thought about what voice to use. I had always thought I would have to write it in the 3rd person, but this time I looked at it and saw it as how it would be as a 1st person narrative (also I feel that I am following Jonathan Franzen’s advice and making sure my narrator is an interesting enough character to be able to tell the story in the 1st person). This has been “The Summer of Jonathan Tropper” for me with regards to what I’ve been reading (a full post about this to follow once I’ve completed his fifth book – probably somewhere near the end of August/early September) and Tropper writes almost exclusively in the 1st person. I’m not sure about the fifth book yet, as I haven’t cracked the spine on it, but, regardless, Tropper’s 1st person inspired me to look at my own work and characters and fiddle with the idea.

Long story somewhat short, I just had one of the best nights of writing I’ve had in a long time. A good night of plotting and a good night of writing (~1400 words). More to come.


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