I need to write something! “Love Vigilantes” it is!

Just had a revelation today (not really a revelation but something akin to one), that I need to write something new. I need to bury myself in something and write and create and feel like I’m doing something worth something, even if it’s only to and for me.  It’s been welling up inside of me and now I think I will look at all my notes and piece them together this week and start on Love Vigilantes next week with a 1st draft completion date of August 31st. If I write everyday and make it to my self-imposed minimum daily word count of 1500, then I should have a weighty 90,000 or so words by the end of summer. Sweet. Looking forward to it. I”ll keep you updated. 🙂


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Writer living in Toronto. "Sneak out of your window darling, let's live like outlaws honey." View all posts by jtkwriting

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