“the Solitude of Prime Numbers”

Like any good book, I will miss the Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano. Check that. I will miss the very well written protagonists, Mattia and Alice (even though Alice is the main protagonist, but meh).

Why? Well…hmmm…because of two things:

The first being a combination of things: They were human. They were flawed. They did things we, real people, do both in action and intention. They, at times, succumbed to their insecurities, well most of the time actually but I didn’t do a count on this so I don’t want to throw any numbers down. Their actions are understood and, in turn, they are understood – which brings to me to the second reason – because of the way Giordano set them up and wrote them.

Now I will not claim to be a master of plot (or anything for that matter), but I think the screenwriting classes and plot books I’ve been reading are starting to pay off in so much as I was able to understand, at least a little, why this booked worked so well. In the first few chapters, when we are meeting, first Alice, and then Mattia, Giordano does an exemplary job of laying the ground work for their characters and their future actions. Because of the events that happen to Alice and Mattia, we, or maybe just me (because every book is a different experience, story and ride for everyone) understand why they become who they become and why they act the way they act.

It is the ultimate character setup. For me, the Solitude of Prime Numbers is not just a great story about two misfits with a connection, it’s also almost a mini textbook, or simply a great example about how to setup your characters.

So what do I say? I say read it, love it, learn from it. Or don’t…but please do!

Rating: 13/14


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