Song Inspiration vol. 62 & Writing Exercise

Red City Radio – “We are the Sons and Daughters of Woodie Guthrie”

Writing Exercise: Write a story involving this party. Maybe from the person’s perspective who walks through the door at the beginning…or maybe flip the gender…or don’t. 🙂


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One response to “Song Inspiration vol. 62 & Writing Exercise

  • jtkwriting

    Figured I’d post the lyrics here, because they are good, but hard to decipher.

    “Give ’em hell in New York Gabe
    Don’t ever let them see you down
    Tell all the boys in New York
    About that Oklahoma City sound
    With our hearts raised high in unison
    Singing a melody
    That’s been implanted in the streets for years
    It’s kind of hard to fall on deaf ears
    There’s no way that you’re really gone
    When you capture that spotlight you’ll bring it home
    We’ve turned our backs on the sun
    Embraced the road and chased the moon
    And sang along to the stereo
    No matter how close we came
    Another band of almost made it fame

    Southbound Broadway extension
    Turn right on 23rd
    There is a perfect picture of poverty
    And it’ll be missed when it’s gone
    I’m in this hole living my father’s dream
    I’m just trying to find a better way out
    And in this song where we belong
    I’m just trying to find a better way out

    Still here but nothing’s changed
    Spread the word wherever we go
    We won’t be silenced anymore
    Singing our own refrain
    No broken hearts inflated egos
    We won’t be silenced anymore”

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