People I Know vol. 2: TMF, mover and reviewer.

TMF: Tarah Melissa Feder.

No she does not move things (professionally, at least) so please don’t leave comments under her articles asking if she’s free this weekend, “because you need a hand with this couch”. Tarah won’t be free anyway because she’s probably amping up to head out and watch one (or more) of Toronto’s up and coming sonically explosive indie talent. She’s a mover in the “mover and shaker” sense, et cetera, anon, amen.

Writing a review of a reviewer, especially one with the wordsmith ability of Ms. Feder, is a daunting task and one that I honestly don’t feel I can complete without sounding like a total newbie – more so than usual at least – so I will say to you what I said to her:

“You write about bands I’ve never heard of, but after reading your reviews, I know I need to hear them.”

It was something like that at least. Also, the beauty of a Feder review is if you missed the show you don’t feel so left out of the loop. She puts you at the front of the stage rockin’ along with her and even though you may not care about how much of a dreamboat the lead singer is, you find yourself nodding…to yourself of course…in appreciation that it’s important to know because TMF told you so.

Tarah’s most recent article: Sunrise Oh Sunrise Review

Tarah’s Archive (or at least what comes up when you search her name on Tarah’s Archive – and shout outs to Courtney Wells (the 2nd review), another Toronto talent/artist!


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