Goodbye “Eye Weekly”, Hello “The Grid”

Eye Weekly ended it’s publishing run May 5th with a retrospective issue covering its 20 odd year history. After 1, 014 issues printed, 6 offices and a bunch of other stats, Eye closed the lights on itself to start, or reboot itself as, The Grid, a new Toronto alt-weekly with basically the same staff as Eye.

This is neither a criticism nor is it an indictment of either publication. I liked reading Eye every Thursday and I’m sure I will enjoy The Grid  in the same way. The format and size of the weekly has changed. Whereas Eye was a smallish square, easy to fold and put in a bag, The Grid is a thicker rectangle similar to another well-read (and awesome) Toronto alt-weekly, Now(

I am excited that new blood has been injected into Eye/The Grid. Over the past year, maybe since their latest format overhaul, Eye seemed to be dialing it in a bit. With the exception of Edward Keenan’s fact-based and well-written editorials about how much Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, sucks at the job he shouldn’t have (sorry to be a little political, but if more people read things about crappy politicians, we wouldn’t have crappy politicians), every other section, besides the odd feature, seemed to be in a state of perpetual wane.

So now we have The Grid. And what exactly is that?

It’s the new Eye, just like I said, but with more to it. In the inaugural issue the editors state their love for Toronto, which I’m 100% down with and with that as their ethos may the (games) reading begin.

A simple list of The Grid vs. the latest incarnation of Eye, because I’m bored of actually writing:

More: Words and articles and pictures and opportunities for submissions. Amazing.

Less: Sex ads at the back. Though I wasn’t opposed to these – ’cause who really cares what people do to/with each other whilst naked or on the phone as long as no children are involved – but if they had to be axed to make room for more articles and pictures and the stuff I actually read, then so be it.

More: Organization. The Grid has clearly defined sections about our great city (that’s Toronto FYI), reminiscent in spirit of it’s publishing parent, Toronto’s/Canada’s most read (factual?) daily newspaper, The Toronto Star. I like being organized so this speaks to me.

Less: Blamo, Blam, Blam. What is that exactly? Blamo, Blam, Blam is like that “in your face” kind of thing, as in, “I’m here and different and you should acknowledge that I’m different because being different is cool”. The Grid, at least after one issue, just seems to be The Grid. It’s not trying to blow your face off with it’s alternativeness. Eye sometimes fell victim to this. My reaction was, “yes, we get it, you’re the cool kid who’s different like everyone else. Can you just tell me about the f*cking band I want to read about? Thank you.” The Grid just seems to love Toronto, which is awesome because I love Toronto.

So, to conclude, I’m looking forward to the new Eye, or The Grid, because frankly Eye was getting a little boring and The Grid seems like something that this city needs: a publication that loves us no matter what.

Some thing(s) I couldn’t fit anywhere else in this post because I didn’t feel like doing any rewrites beyond what I already did: The Grid‘s first issue appeared everywhere May12th. Also, IT’S ALWAYS FREE!

Web stuff:

The Grid’s web

Eye’s old website

Article about the end of Eye

Opening Editorial from The Grid


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