Remember: Words are your friends.

“Be not a slave of words.” – Thomas Carlyle

As writers, words are our friends, but we should not let them control us nor should we fear them. It is how we take words and put them together that makes us what we are. We can’t do what we do without words, whether spoken or written, so it would be an easy assumption to think that like a car needs gas, writers need words. This is true(ish) but we can write about something using one sentence (few words) or an entire novel (anywhere from ~50,000 to ~infinite words). Cars need a specific amount of gas and there is a definite maximum. We should not be worried about what it says, we should be worrying about how we say it.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is write something and if you don’t like it, because ultimately you didn’t like either the words you chose or how you put them together, then don’t worry, just hang out for a bit and move on to something else. Maybe you can go for a walk or play some PS3 or take a shower or go on a trip. Then come back and see if you can find other words or another way to put them together. Don’t sit there for hours thinking about it, because nothing will happen except hating the work and the words and, eventually, everything.

On a totally unrelated note: I think I need more coffee…and maybe a danish or something.


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