Lacking Motivation

What can I say about this? I lack the motivation to comment.


Whenever I lack the motivation to write I generally don’t write. Instead of writing or editing or reading about writing or blogging, I will go hang with friends or watch a movie or play PS3. This is fine for short periods of time because the time filling/procrastinating activity is usually fun and the fun lasts until the day I look at my computer or notes or blog or wall in front of my computer with all my writing papers taped to it and then the guilt that leads to anger that leads to frustration begins.

Eventually, I find the motivation comes back in waves because when I get frustrated due to my lack of writing which was due to a lack of motivation, I will open a blank document and just start writing whatever comes into my head. Not stream of consciousness type stuff, but just a first line that leads to a second line, that leads to a third. Sometimes that’s only as far as I get. Sometimes I will write for a couple hours.

What I’ve discovered is the reason I lack the motivation to write, thus causing frustration, actually stems from frustration (and boredom) as well. Whether it be with an older story that I may be stuck on or just bored with at the moment. While I have “discovered” this, I haven’t necessarily “learned” from it. So thus, the whole thing goes on and on and on.

My amateur advice for those lacking motivation. Find a blank surface (not just a paper, but anything) and write something ridiculous on it – like: poo, Bigbird, qualudes, shrub, beehive, Montana. Then write an opening sentence for something (or dialogue if it’s a screenplay) using those random and ridiculous words. Another example for the blank surface ridiculousness could be: haven, maven, paven, driven, pivin, livin. Just make it as random as possible.

Or don’t.

Does Anthony Robbins still do seminars? Maybe he can help.

Or not.


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